Friday, February 10, 2012

10 Ways to Know Your Inner Pilot Light is Guiding You

10 Ways To Know Your Inner Pilot Light Is Guiding You by
1.     Hunches arise during meditation - and you pay attention to them.
2.     Physical sensations appear that may signal something deeper (whether they’re unpleasant symptoms like back pain or excited sensations like butterflies in your stomach).
3.     You’ve distanced yourself from caring what everyone else thinks.
4.     Dreams offer you messages, suggestions, or guidance - and you take notice.
5.     Books (or blog posts!) speak directly to where you are in your life, and you listen.
6.     When roadblocks appear on your current path, you don’t see it as failure, but as a sign from your Inner Pilot Light that you’re supposed to take a fork in the road.
7.     You notice that plunk of rightness you feel when you finally make a choice - and you just know it’s the best one for you, even if it makes no sense to anyone else.
8.     You feel the confidence that you will always land butter-side up, no matter how crazy, impossible, or implausible something might seem.
9.     You start to feel like you’re in the flow because everything gets easier.
10.  You’ve ditched the masks, let your freak flag fly, and tapped into that authentic part of you that always knows the way.

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