Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Book Review!!!  WOO HOO!

The Fatigue Solution by Eva Cwynar, MD with Sharon Kolberg
 Increase Your Energy in Eight Easy Steps

I was interested in this book because I personally have suffered with Adrenal Fatigue and it is no laughing matter.  Thanks to a wonderful naturopath, I was PROPERLY tested, and given a correct diagnosis regarding my hormone levels.  Regular MD's did not address this but instead threw at me xanax, anti-depressants, and blood pressure medication.  All of these left me feeling out of my body, tired, and very dizzy.

Nearly three months later I am pharmaceutical free, I take bio-identical hormones, and I don't have energy crashes.  I will be honest.  This book would not have helped me except for one chapter, "Get Tested" and "Check Your Thyroid."  Many of her tips are things I have heard all the time.  Now, if you are completely unfamiliar with the obvious ways of health then you will find this book worth the purchase.  These are things like sleeping enough, getting exercise, and making the food on your plate "beautiful" so you want to eat it.  All of these things I knew and actually DID when I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue.  So, try those things, yes!  That is probably why the testing and thyroid - more medical information - is included towards the end of the book.

Most things in this book can be found by simply getting facebook feeds to people like JJ Virgin or Dr. Mark Hyman.  I would not pay $25.95 for that information.

The testing information is good, but not worth paying the entire book.  Also, many people give free webinar calls on these things for free online.

In the end, I would find myself a naturopathic Dr. or a holistic MD and take my symptoms directly there.

Hay House kindly sent me this book for my honest review.

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