Sunday, October 2, 2011


Do you know the moment you have forgiven someone?  REALLY forgiven them?  For me, it's when I am filled with emotion which then turns to gratitude.  We love because God first loved us comes to mind.  After a moment of true forgiveness  I wrote this song.  I was walking out the door and stopped in my tracks singing the chorus.  A song I'd heard all my life, but it made sense to sing it.  Why?  Because I felt that all the LOVE, that pure, honest, love does come from God and I want to show that gratitude in this song.

The part I remember as a child was
"How wonderful!  How marvelous!  And my song shall ever be...
How wonderful!  How marvelous!  Is my Saviors Love for me. "
click on "What Forgiveness Feels Like For Me Today"

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