Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The most disturbing thing...

Yesterday my son and I were saying our prayers and affirmations at the kitchen table.  It is always a special time in our mornings.  I pulled out some old Sunday School leaflets and there was the most beautiful prayer to someone praying over them in heaven.  The child could fill in the blank as to who the person might be.  I thought this was quite comforting and lovely.

I turned over the page and saw a little road map called "How to Get To Heaven."  I froze.  I literally could not speak.  Did I really just read, on the back of the prayer to a deceased loved one, a reminder that my innocent child needs to "get" to heaven?  It displayed all the ways they get to heaven such as not fighting, sharing, being kind, etc.  I suddenly saw so clearly the Truth for myself.  My child does not have a black heart.  My child is not in need of "getting" to God's love.  I gave leaflets away yesterday afternoon.

To quote Rami Shaprio who says it so well, "God loves you unconditionally. But He’ll damn you to Hell forever if you don’t love Him back."

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