Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Teaching of Sweet Sounds

Dear Gossip,                          

My name is Stephanie and I was scared of being me.  I'm not anymore.

Thanks for the teaching,


Oh I could tell you all the ways to “handle” people.  Newsflash:  People know when they are being handled instead of loved.  But the truth is I am the one that needs love, not handling.   

A woman in business is bound to be talked about.  I had a parent today share a compliment another Mom gave me.  I told her that was very nice and she was responded with “Well, we talk about you!” 

Nice, I think?  I am aware people talk.  In fact, to rub that fact in almost flew out of my mouth as I “Yes, I know you do.”  (Okay, down ego).  I just expect it now.  Sometimes it brings business my way and sometimes it doesn’t.  What is true is that my self-worth is not built on the opinions of another person.

When a get a call for a student, I usually regard what others have said about the family with relatively low importance.   In the first place it is often wrong and is often founded in some kind of jealousy from the person speaking the negative words.  Secondly, it usually goes against what my inner guidance is telling me, which is the ultimate decider.   There are many jealous parents and hurting people in the world who will stop at nothing to diminish someone.  I want to be a person in the world who lives by her Divine Guidance, my higher self, by seeking prayer and discernment in every area of my life. 

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One parent told me that I would be crazy to take a certain student because the student’s father was a jerk and the student was kicked out of a fancy school,  or so she heard.  When I got the call, I felt very good about taking this family in spite of the call.  It turned out to be one of my best teaching experiences to date.  Sadly, everything the gossiper said was not only wrong, but cruel.

I have also seen people rise to the occasion.  I’ve had parents so angry with me at times that I just knew I would never receive another student.  I chose not to speak ill of anyone and as a result, I grew so much as a person, allowing God to use situations like these to make me more loving, kind, and forgiving – not bitter, rude, and cynical of love.  In the end, the very people I thought hated me did not. 

When I hear criticism or gossip I mentally send love to the speaker and the intention of protection over the spoken.  I also ask to be shielded from the negativity myself.   It can be so easy to point fingers on others, but in the end all my frustrations and disappointments came down to my expectations and views of how I look at life.  When I love myself the way God loves me, it is very hard to see others as villains.

The great revelation is the more I stay away from gossip, the better I feel. The more I see love and not hate.  The more I have compassion for the little child in all of us who wants to be loved.  The less I take in the negativity because that is not the truth of how God sees them - it's just smoke and mirrors.   Then when I do hear it I am very sensitive to it. I like it that way.  And so it is.

Theme Song for this post?  "We Are" by Kari Jobe  - It's a Lightworker's Theme Song!


  1. I am so in agreement with you on your blog about the gossipers and people who try to hurt you because they are miserable. I am very proud of you for coming out of your shell. I love the fact that when the meaness and gossip starts, you show them love and pray for them. You are a very god-gifted piano teacher and gifted in music. Everyone needs to be and feel loved. Thats what we all want. You have just been my inspiration ever since we were younger. There are lotta people up there in heaven just smiling and giving you 2 big thumbs up for what you have one and your beliefs. I'm giving you thumbs up to girl !!!

    1. You are my inspiration sweet sister! Love you! xxoo

  2. There is no way to measure the damage done by passing along an ill word about somebody, whether we feel it is merited or not. It binds them rather than giving them wings to be who God intended! This is a beautiful reminder and I am so glad you took the time to link it up! I'd be honored if you'd return again today with more shared wisdom! Blessings, Kasey