Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fasting from Facebook

Fake Intimacy

Why I am fasting from facebook

Reason #1 - I am tired of thinking I'm closer friends with someone than I really am. Someone is my friend on facebook. They share details about their life so I think "Wow, this person really likes me. This person really considers me a part of their inner circle. I am so humbled." Then, I see them in public and they have either nothing or very little to say to me. The are acting like they always do and so I stand there, wondering to myself, "But I thought we were closer friends now. I mean, I know where you went to eat, I know what your kids got for Christmas, I saw your vacation photos. Isn't that why you wanted to be my facebook friend? You don't just show that to everyone. Right?"


What I've realized is people only gave me more facts about their life. There was never a face to face exchange of feelings, ideas, and thoughts. I want real, live, relationships. I want friends who give me more than their google calendar that includes photos. I want more than cute quotes. I don't want to know who is friends with you and who isn't. I want friends who want to know more about me. I want to be iron that sharpens iron. I want someone who isn't afraid to rebuke me if needed and lend a shoulder when I'm crying real tears, not just making sad faces. :-(

Facebook did not gain me any friends, but it did give me lots of ways to hack off the ones I already have. It also gave me useless information that seemed only good for breeding judgements over people. "Did you see their new car? How are they affording that?" It served for only more gossip breeding ground...worse than a pitre dish.

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  1. atara-So happy to see your blog!! I so appreciate you visiting mine-you encourage me. I hope Jesus Calling encourages you as well

    I hear you about facebook!!! I use to have an account and I deactivated it. I didn't find it good for me anymore. I started to envy the fun vacations my friends were having while I was at home with sick kids etc. Actually-some of my HS "friends" divorced and reading how happy they were just made me so sad. I felt God telling me to get off and I'm happy I did. I know many on it but for me, it just wasn'g good.
    Blessing to you!!!!!