Friday, July 8, 2011

Ingratitude can be interpreted a rejection

I'm looking for a good, active, Christian women's forum. Does anyone know of one?

I've been thinking of the gratitude. I am referring to the kind of gratitude where you pick the phone, type a sincere e-mail, or tell face to face, a person why you are grateful for them. It is not enough to tell others you think so and so is the bomb.

Another aspect if when we offer praise or a thoughtful note to someone and not only do they not respond, but we see them post on facebook that their toilet is leaking. Huh? I'm not saying do things to get thanks, but I am saying GIVE THANKS!

I was inspired by this sermon by Andy Stanley of North Point, which I cannot find now to save my life!

Anyway, I sat down and wrote to e-mails to Christian women who live it and in turn, help me to live it too. If it weren't for their witness, I would think everyone was secretly cranky and all they need was one little straw for things to blow.

Take some time today to thank someone that has meant something to your life.

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